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How KD successfully convinced his boy Harden to ask out of Houston to the Brooklyn Nets via BR


“In November, the thought of joining Brooklyn grew more intriguing for Harden. He started training with Kevin Durant at the Mamba Academy, developing a relationship with the team.By Nov. 11, Harden indicated to Russell Westbrook he wanted to be traded to Brooklyn. As a result, Westbrook asked out. Not because of Harden's partying tendencies or the Rockets' culture issues, but simply because he knew Harden wanted out, according to multiple sources close to the Rockets. Harden spent significant time in L.A. with Durant in mid-November and became fully committed to the idea of playing with the Nets. The two met to reaffirm their desire to play with one another and started laying the foundation for a trade, sources say.By Nov. 17, news of the potential deal had spread across the league. Harden and Durant thought it would be finalized on Nov. 22, when trades could officially be announced. But Rockets management changed its tune. Harden, Durant and the Nets had underestimated the Rockets' capacity to posture for a better deal."Houston was being difficult," a front-office executive familiar with the Rockets' negotiating tactics at the time told Bleacher Report.”


Everybody want to talk about LeGM, but let’s talk about Kevin DurGM for a second...


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During this time, the Rockets were reportedly using the 76ers as leverage to increase the Nets' offer. The Sixers offered a package centered around Ben Simmons and Matisse Thybulle, but Houston didn't even call to counteroffer, according to Keith Pompey of the Philadelphia Inquirer

小牛足球迷:在这段时间,据费城询问者报的新闻记者Keith Pompey报导,火箭弹运用凯尔特人来提升 篮网的价格,凯尔特人出示了以本-西蒙斯和马蒂斯作品-塞布尔为关键的一堆价格,可是火箭弹从来没有给凯尔特人通电话议价。

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Damn that's crazy. I'd take those two and 2 picks over everything Brooklyn gave up no question. Build around Simmons, Thybulle, and Wood.


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I do wonder if the rockets were doing Harden a favor by taking less so he could go to his desired team


[–]Fragrant-Metal7264 5 指標 17小時前

The trade is still hard to judge though until we see how the picks are used/turn out. Ben Simmons would've most likely left Houston after being unhappy for a few years. Imagine being taken from a contender for a rebuild/middle of the pack team.


[–]Heatacequake91 58 指標 20小時前

So what I'm hearing is that he was always going to Brooklyn, any other team that was spoken to was a bit of a formality.


[–]OnlineRespectfulGuy 167 指標 23小時前

David Stern was rolling in his grave when this trade went down.


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The interesting part is that clearly all the "Westbrook wanted to go back to being a traditionnal point guard" non sense was just false, Harden just flat out told him he was out so Russ asked out first because he knew if Harden was traded first he'd be stuck in Houston


[–]NBAEarthWarping 620 指標 23 小時前

Which is exactly what happened in OKC. PG was traded, so naturally Russ didn't want to be stuck on a bad team again.


[–][WAS] DeJuan Blairtricky6ricky 629 指標 23小時前

And is now stuck on a terrible team.


[–][CHI] Zach LaVineMyHonkyFriend 268 指標 21小時前

I think hes happy knowing hes not stuck alone.


[–]NBAMurmur322 76 指標 19小時前

And he’s serving well as a mentor for the younger kids these days. In Russ’s early years I never would’ve predicted him to shift into that mentor role, but he seems to be fantastic at it.


[–]Tampa Bay Raptorsschizophrenix_ 112 指標 22小時前

At least he’s in the East now where below average teams still make the playoffs


[–]Bullsporkchop487 50 指標 20小時前

And yet they are the 11th seed


[–]Pistonsjames_stinson56 37 指標 20小時前

They’ve moved up a lot


[–][LAL] D'Angelo Russellpentefino978 7 指標 16小時前

It’s the Wizards, give them a discount


[–]ThunderPrOKCedure 66 指標 23小時前

At least Washington gives him a fighting chance


[–]Warriorsgovernorbitch 28 指標 21小時前

Russ’s career is just a serious of unfortunate events


[–][TOR] Tracy McGradys4ntana 13 指標 20小時前

They weren't supposed to be this bad, kinda sucks for Russ


[–]RocketsSlimDu51 169 指標 23 小時前

There was so much misinformation coming out during this whole thing that we have no idea what really happened. I remember at one point something came out that harden preferred John wall over Westbrook as his teammate lmao.


[–]ThunderPrOKCedure 122 指標 22 小時前

That was Harden doing his childhood friend a solid

I knew this all along. Those reports of Russ wanting a specific role and questioning Harden’s leadership were absolute BS.

That duo was great together. It’s a shame they ran into a better team, had injuries, had the coach/GM leave and an inadequate roster.


[–]Lakersso-cal_kid 29 指標 21小時前

Those dudes have been friends since they were kids. One disappointing season wasn't gonna change that. They still looked friendly the other night after the nets wizards game


[–][GSW] Klay ThompsonMrVanillaIceTCube 70 指標 21小時前

Yeah people forget how well Russ was playing before he got COVID and injured his quad.From Dec 7th til March 10th (last game before shutdown), Russ averaged 31/8/7 on 51-29-80%, 57% TS.Over that same span, Harden averaged 32/7/7 on 43-36-85%, 60% TS.


[–]New Jersey NetsBasedGodProdigy 8 指標 22 小時前

Yea and it really seemed like the Sixers got him on the day of the trade. I remember being so bummed because 75% of reports were about the Sixers meeting their price


[–]New Jersey NetsDarnellisFromMars 3 指標 22小時前

Same thing happened when we were getting KD and Kyrie. Media kept talking about them going to NY, but not really the Nets. I think the typical talking heads/media are out of the loop on guys like KD, Kyrie, and Harden and it’s easier to pin point what Lebron/Klutch athletes want to do.


[–]LakersHydroThermia 600 指標 22 小時前

You really felt the urge to include that didn’t you lol


[–]Maverickslalakingmalibog 47 指標 21小時前

I feel like KeGM Durant would've flowed a bit better, idk


[–]NetsChristianity1st[S] 135 指標 22 小時前 

Yes lol I thought this was funny


[–]Rocketsmr_jazzhands 211 指標 1 天内

I wonder what the original offer was for Harden then. Farbod had said Allen, Lavert, Dinwiddie, and Prince with picks IIRC, but was it all the picks and swaps we ended up getting?

I also wonder if this is why Houston didn't take Philly's offer for Simmons. Did Harden truly just prefer the Nets over the Sixers? Our front office post-Morey seems especially friendly about sending players to their desired destination (Harden-Nets, PJ-Bucks, Oladipo-Heat) even if it means getting a worse offer (Simmons > random middle schoolers and I don't even know what the fuck that Oladipo trade was).



[–]New Jersey NetsSOB200 224 指標 1 天内

Harden thanked the Rockets for helping get him to the team of his preferred choice. Harden also said that a lot of the “noise” reported by the media was not true.

The fact that the Rockets owner said shortly after the Rockets would retire his jersey also most likely reaffirms your theory - the Rockets wanted to do James right too.


[–]Minneapolis LakersChubbyKevinLove42 60 指標 23 小時前

Doing James right also not dealing him to Morey Will fuck them in the long run. Business is business and they got too personal with it


[–][BOS] Paul Piercepoeope 41 指標 23 小時前

They guys all think all the f.a. will want to sign with them if they blow up their franchise to mollycoddle one dude

湖人足球迷:火箭弹那群人很有可能觉得,她们为了更好地达到某一足球运动员的意向能够 放弃足球队权益,这类作法能够 让别的足球运动员更想要和火箭弹签订。

[–]Minneapolis LakersChubbyKevinLove42 67 指標 23 小時前

Like how Ainge did IT dirty? Or how the clips shipped Blake off after doing a mock jersey retirement?


Like how the Lakers did B.I. dirty with his health issues? Noone cares all they care about is where they will be playing and if they can win.


[–]Minneapolis LakersChubbyKevinLove42 44 指標 23 小時前

That’s literally my point, if they shipped him out to Minnesota I’m sure nobody would’ve held it against the rockets.


[–]MovieMuscle25 67 指標 22小時前

Remember when KD said he had nothing to do with Harden's trade demands and desire to play in Brooklyn? Never believe NBA players when it comes to these kinds of rumors and stories. They're usually full of shit.


[–]SpursSnuggleMuffin42 13 指標 18小時前

He literally can't say that he does, because like you saw with the Bucks the league would bar the transaction and sanction the team for tampering...


[–]Celticsfearofaflatplanet 84 指標 21小時前

Can’t wait till KD finds out that winning a ring with this Nets team is going to get him a similar lack of credit as winning with the Warriors.


[–]NetsChristianity1st[S] 24 指標 21小時前

I think he knows and is coming to terms with it. He’s never going to get respect from everybody, and at this point, it is what it is. If stacking the deck and putting him in a better position makes him happy, then he has to do what’s best for him, which is also doing what’s best for us(Nets) cause nobody knows if he will ever be fully healthy for a season again. He’s missed damn near 2 months